The Mission of the WalkingMusicFoundation to play, produce and record uplifting and positive original MUSIC with people from all over the world.

The Walking Music Foundation is a practical and functional organization that evolved out of a plethora of musical experiences had by many novice and professional musicians throughout the world over the last ten years. In its most simple terms, we are just Musicians making and sharing Music.

What We Do

The WMF produces positive original music and films with people domestically and abroad. The organization became tangible after some life altering musical experiences shared between Denver musicians and founding board members Grampa Boots and Christopher Carter and Jamaican musicians Judge Abel and Ras Andrew the Apostle in the Blue Mountains in 2013 (for more details, watch “Walking Music,” linked below). Guided by the Music and with the help of some friends, Boots and Chris began producing songs with elementary and middle school classes, at risk youth, and women’s groups in the Denver area over the next couple of years. As the WMF is now launching, we have not only engineered a portable studio that fits inside a small suitcase, but we have also acquired a truck camper that has been turned into a fully functioning mobile music production facility. Further, Walking Music has produced numerous music videos and songs, co-founder Grampa Boots’ completed documentary “Walking Music,” available to stream now (see below), and worked with other local charities such as the Mile High Sceneters, the Fox Street Compound, ReCreative Denver and The WICK on program implementation and spreading the word. Keep an ear out for us as we harmonize with Denver in 2018.


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