Our Mission:

To collaborate, educate, activate, and inspire individuals with a common calling of inspiring others to pursue their best selves and to positively act, TODAY, for a brighter more beautiful tomorrow.

How We Do It:

By showing them how in our own unique ways! Leading through example, or being the change you want to see, can be the most effective way to inspire others. We promote self-realization, or the “fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality,” and positive activism to solve social, local, or global issues. Every Wednesday, The 5280 Pride hosts a curated inspirational experience, called Tuesday Tea, for its members and their guests. The event has always been about holding space and promotes the Tribe’s mission by showcasing individuals pursuing our common calling or through group outings to tackle community issues.

What We Are:

The 5280 Pride is a subordinate organization of The oysWORLDter Tribe, a 501(c)(10) Domestic Fraternal Beneficiary Society, and is based in Denver, Colorado. The Tribe associated June, 2017 in hopes of promoting the social, moral, and intellectual welfare of its members and to unite them by a stronger bond of sympathy and interest. We hope to add Prides around the globe and plan to use our net earnings to establish a G.R.A.N.T.S. (Granting Resources Activating New-Earth Tomorrow Supporters) foundation.


Let's do the social thang: