In the coming years, emerging blockchain technologies (like Ethereum) will aid in distributing power from the center to the edges of our communities. This movement could bring about the most significant technological and social advancements since the advent of the internet.

At our event ETHDenver, we are bringing the community together for this common goal. It would be incredibly interesting to see the local art community’s vision of this new decentralized future, presented via any art medium of the artist’s choice.

Art created for the ETHDenver Crypto Art Gallery will be on show throughout the event, between February 16-18 at the Sports Castle (10th & Broadway). Participating artists will each be asked to present 2 pieces and will receive $200 each upfront to assist with materials purchase and time. All types of art are invited (canvas, sculpture, digital print, etc).

All pieces on display will also be auctioned off via a silent auction process with 50% of proceeds at the end of the event going to the artist and 50% going to the charity Denver Kids (http://denverkidsinc.org/) which supports local at-risk youth. Starting bid for each piece will be $200 USD/Ethereum equivalent.

We would like to invite the artists to participate in the event and/or attend the after party being held on Sunday, February 18th from 4-8pm. At the end of the event, artists may choose to receive silent auction compensation for their pieces in Ethereum or USD.

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