To grow a community that exchanges knowledge and enrichment through music and art lessons, sustainability classes, and community outreach programs.

Out Reach Programs offered @Fox St Compound Contact us for more information

Music Lessons & Classes: 
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Singing, Trumpet, Drums, Ukulele, Music Theory, Music Recording and Engineering.

Arts & Crafts Lessons & Classes:
Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Jewelry, Knitting, Paper Crafts, Weaving, Photography.

Gardening Lessons & Classes:

Soil Amendment, Composting, Plant Spacing, Seed Planting, Maintenance, Watering, Sunlight, Fertilizing, Harvesting, Greenhouse growing, Indoor Growing, egg producing fowls.
Cooking, Canning & Nutrition Classes
Ingredient Cooking, Nutrition, Canning, Storage, Meal Planning.
Let's do the social thang:

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