The Non Profit Resource Center is the bedrock upon which we build all of our activities.

The goal of the Center is simple: to provide local artists, musicians and organizations with an opportunity to earn financial and purpose driven stability.

The center provides non-profits and other creators with discounted office space, comprehensive non-profit and for-profit consulting, in person and online resources, as well as access to a network of hundreds of potential donors. The Center also hosts other nonprofit and community focused events within the Fox Street Compound.

The Center also offers qualified individuals and organizations discounted services fees in the following areas: marketing, web development, legal, auditing, audio/visual, fundraising, grant writing and much more. Current beneficiaries of the Center include Connected Soul, Spin Enterprises, The WICK, The Walking Music Foundation, Sweet Roots Garden, and Under Ground Arts Collective.

The goals of the Fox Street Compound

To incubate a lasting and tangible synthesis between the nonprofit and for-profit business sectors. We achieve this by providing Denver metro area artists, musicians and community-focused organizations with the tools and knowledge necessary to compete in the modern economic marketplace.  We are working to create sustainable economic engines ready and capable of fulfilling their respective missions for generations to come.