“Don’t Be Trashy”

In News by Nick Philips

When 15,000 hungry people got together to celebrate tacos, at the fifth annual Denver Taco Fest, someone had to take out the trash. Not only the trash, but with flowing margaritas, canned Tecates, and plenty bottled water, to keep folks hydrated, there was an opportunity to divert recyclables from the landfill.

The 5280 Pride, of The oysWORLDter Tribe, took to the challenge with bright smiles, positive activism in heart, and the support of the great leaders at the Fox Street Compound.


Members of The Pride joined forces, over the two day festival, to set out recycling bins, monitor their levels, and educate attendees about proper disposal of their waste. Guests noticeably appreciated the effort and a few were seen taking their items out of the trash to throw them in the appropriate bin.


After the taco madness, complete with Chihuahua racing and fifty some food trucks, The 5280 Pride gathered for Tuesday Tea, on Wednesday, to sort through the collected bins ensuring that the glass, plastic, cans, and cardboard found their way to their proper homes. A beautiful Tribe, disposable gloves, and live music, shared by the Blotter Bunch, made sifting through taco guts and stale beer almost enjoyable for the members that shared their time.

Forty pounds of cans were returned to the Denver Scrap Metal Recycling plant, which paid for the rest of the recycling to be properly disposed of at Sustain-Ability Recycling, a local company creating opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities. The team at Sustain-Ability was quick to help unload the recyclables, by the truckload, and were happy to share their knowledge about the handling process.

The 5280 Pride seeks to inspire others to pursue their best selves and positively act, TODAY, for a brighter more beautiful tomorrow, by setting the example. Making an effort to tackle some of the waste at the Taco Fest, with teamwork and creative solutions, was a learning experience and has inspired the Pride to delve deeper into services in sustainability. Keep an eye out for these bright human beams as they continue to do their best to take on local and global issues.

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